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The 3 greatest gifts we can give our children are:

1) Motivation
            2) More Confidence
  3) Self Esteem

There is a new product that will help parents and grandparents instill confidence and self esteem in children and motivate them to always do their best.

If you have kids or grandkids, take 3 minutes and see for yourself how this can help you. 


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Below you will find more details on the Advertising Program that will provide you the absolute BEST opportunity to make money online.

The ONLY service every person trying to make money with any program and every online business MUST have is ADVERTISING! And, they want advertising that works and that is exactly what we're going to give our clients--Advertising That Works! will be a Full Service Advertising Agency that will be able to supply advertising to everyone from the smallest affiliate marketer to the largest International company.


We will be able to supply all the following types of advertising and remember no matter what type of advertising someone buys from your sales page, you make money.

* General Traffic
* Banners of all sizes
* Solo Ads
* Classified Ads
* Newspapers and Magazines Ads
* Radio and Television Ads
* Billboards
* SEO--Search Engine Optimization
* Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all other Social Media account management
* Site Entry, Site Exit, Pop-up ads
* Scrolling Text Ads
* Text Ads via Smart Phones
* Banners on Smart Phones
* Business Apps
* Entire Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
* And many others because again, will be a full service Advertising Agency serving the smallest to the largest client.

And remember, you don't need to know anything about advertising to succeed with us because the site and our staff will do all the selling.


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Online advertising is going to be a 200 Billion Dollar a year business by 2016 and it will just keep increasing every year so now is the time for us to launch the Advertising Agency and now is the time for you to get in on the ground floor of this once in a lifetime business opportunity.

The Charter Account in is a great addition that you will get at no extra cost when you get the Advanced AIB account in 12 Second Commute.

It does not matter what you're involved with now, this will give you an additional income stream and for many people it will become their main income stream as you only need a very-very-very-very small fraction of a percent of 200 Billion dollars to make really good money.

You'll earn 35% commissions on all advertising you sell and with hundreds of millions of online marketers and millions of businesses needing advertising, your opportunity is unlimited!

You can use your Advanced account to help you make money with anything else you're involved in and you will also use it to make money with

If you're tired of program jumping and you want an opportunity to really make money online, then the Advanced AIB account is your absolute best option.

It's time to separate yourself from everyone else and upgrade your account today.

Close this window, go back to the overview page and upgrade today.

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The next page will take you to my blog. By the way it is one of the multitude of marketing tools furnished by 12 second commute. So when you get to or click on the link, pay special attention to the page.


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The next link is 12 Second Commute. What an organization. All the marketing tools you could use, all in one neat package. The owner is an exquisite gentleman that is fast on the support. He doesn't leave one stone uncovered.

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 The next is Utility License. It is a good marketing program by 12 Second Commute.

Yes, this is your opportunity of a lifetime
Yes, you need to get involved today
Yes, you can make good money
Yes, it's it's free to review
Yes, it's very easy

Utility License


Are you a green freak?

If so, good for you! That means you are serving a good purpose. You can get all the solar energy gear you want by Clicking Here.  You will love the company you are dealing with!


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