This page was all about Sknyper a New Lead Generation Tool!

But it's now about Seek and Send! Also Social Spy! For use in Skype!

Plus the New VideoMakerFX Program!





Use Auto Video Creator For Offline Clients

How To Make A Call To Action Video With Auto Video Creator

How To Make An Informational Video With Auto Video Creator

Use Auto Video Creator As A PDF Reader 

Sknyper has been taken offline now so it's been replaced!

Look at the new Skype Seek and Send tool!

Plus the new Social Spy Tool and also the new Video Maker FX program!

More on these new tools can now be seen below as you will soon see.

Message to all who wish to join us as a free affiliate for Seek and Send..

When you visit my referral site here.. 

You can be a free affiliate for seek and send plus the other tools they offer also.. 


You will see the sign up form you will need to complete to be an affiliate member!

So you can promote this great new lead generating skype tool also to all you know!

                Then I will make contact with you to help you in it's use!

Via a follow up email plus add you to our skype plus facebook help and info 

groups if you so require but I will keep in touch with you as time passes by.. 

Also please note all ongoing referral commissions will be initially!

Be paid by PayPal I believe for now... 

This is my first introduction and more information about this now fully released

new type of lead generation tool for use in skype, so you will need skype on

your PC that can be downloaded HERE and because it is now available for

Purchase Seek and send for just $50! Social Spy is just $30..

Finally Video Maker FX program! For Now is only $67..

But that Price will be increased real soon now!

This site will be used to ad more information about this

tool plus videos too of it's use during the next few months..

So watch this space.. 


Now.. To continue, my first update for all concerned that have recieved or indeed

only just come across my information site about these new Lead system tools..

Welcome to this site and I thank you for your time today because in the main for

now the information you see is about the affiliate program you may have already

joined with me HERE to give you time to show the concept to all that you know..

Please get back to your referring member sponsor if you were directed

to this site to help you decide to become more involved, then they can help 

you take the correct action and direct you within it's use after purchase.

Just a $50.00 one off start up fee to get Seek and Send for now!

But you can become an affiliate for FREE A good way to go!

Just Sign up here on the form via the link below! 

At least then all will see how powerful this new lead generation tool really is..

Hope you agree!

If used correctly Seek and Send can generate countless leads for years to come!

 Just to compare 2,500 leads from here

  Costs $300 so the cost to use this tool is very reasonable..


But do remember..  It's not a lifetime license for social spy there are monthly fees to pay!

 The tool will generate countless leads and pump new power into your geneology list!

Now I use numerous methods to do my promotions one of which has proved

To be a very succesfull idea that I use now you can see HERE 

You see above is the start of our new Seek and Send experience!

You see everyone use to use either Message Magic or Xsky 

But those tools are now offline!

   So everyone who uses skype needs Seek and Send..

 This tool does not use the skype database it searches the internet.

This means the leads generated are not getting prospected day in day out

and so they are more open to connect to and become friends, contacts with

That's why this tool is special, and no other tool can do what this can do..

I myself have over 6,000 skype contacts now but guess what only half 

ever reply back to me and I do know the reasons why that is because

there are or only can be mainly a few of them..

First some probably do not use skype as much as I do so they never login

enough to see any messages sent to them by anyone but it maybe because

they do not have many skype contacts..

Second reason maybe because they do not speak my english language but I have

a tool for that also that translates all foreign message's sent to me in skype

but that need's to be activated at the time the message is sent..

Third reason well maybe it's because they just do not wish to reply or contact me

and I do understand that especially if they are not as like minded as me..

But last but not least they may not use skype as much as me to promote ideas's

with and that too is understandable it's not every skype user's cup of tea lol..

But finally in the main it maybe because they do not like the tools I use but let's

be serious here for a moment with million's of people using skype to make contact

with people new or old and without the correct tools anymore than 500 

contacts tools just help within people's skype lists plus it is hard to follow that's

why they are a must have requirement believe me because that is why they

were made in the first place and all it take's is a reply back stating only

direct contact preferred..

So that is why this tool is a must for people who use skype as I do because

they can target similar like minded people... 


  Goal setting is a powerful thing especially when it's related to something we really

want in life and I believe this new tool will be sought after once people realize

how it works so for everyone who has joined with me to promote this new program!

All you need to do is promote the affiliate link you were assigned with your free 

membership just as I have done with you then for every person who make's the

decision to purchase the tool with you as there referring sponsor member, not only

will you get 30% back in commission and 20% 2nd tier!

# if not join me here now plus 

 Level 1  30.00% calculated from the sale amount.
 Level 2  20.00% calculated from the sale amount.

 From what you see above all who participate within this affiliate process

will receive a further 20% commission on all who purchase the product from

that 2nd tier of referral members also without you doing anything else but

just referring people to check this out..

        Sometimes an incentive can be all people need to really try to achieve that

extra push so the use of this tool can help people to be more diligent and 

successful in there promotion's.. Well, hope you all agree..

So good luck to all concerned who have so far joined this program via my

   sign up link.. 

Thanks for your time today as I hope you can see the future use this

        tool has to offer and always remember if you have any other Q's you need A's

  too just now just ask contact me again on Skype look for user name BestOnTheNet1

then I will add you to our Seek and Send help and advice room..

Have a real good week ahead..

My very best regards to you and yours this new year of ours.. 






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